The following is a list of development tools I use, some more than others.


    Basically the same as Eclipse except it handles JavaScript and CSS files with more support.


    Great tool to introspect your projects and provide CFC documentation.


    The one and only plugin every ColdFusion developer should be using :)

[Charles debugging proxy](

    Man of the match for this list, it is truly Firebug on steroids.

[Dean Edwards JavaScript Packer](

    Packs your JavaScript files cleanly for smaller download times.


    Need I say more?


    Java based load testing tool, completely invaluable.

[JS Minifier](

    JavaScript minifier

[YUI Compressor](

    Yahoo! JS and CSS compressor


    Use it to add/edit/view 'Trac' tickets from within Eclipse.


    Client side testing tool, fantastic.


    How can any ColdFusion developer live without this? Lets you know when you haven't var scoped function variables in CFC's.

[character map](

    Character Map


    Open Id


    Free site monitoring tool


    Another free site monitoring tool


    A latin sample site (like