September 30, 2012

Modifying FW/1 variables.framework properties

FW/1 gives you a nice, clean way to manage framework configuration properties. They’re all wrapped up inside Application.cfc in a structure called variables.framework, you can read more about them here under Configuring FW/1 Applications. Our applications often have a need to use different values for these properties, depending on which environment the application is running in (development, testing, staging, production etc). An example of this might be reloadApplicationOnEveryRequest, which we want as true in development, but false elsewhere else. ... Read more

September 27, 2012

Preventing FW/1 from reinitialising an app via the URL

One of the things that FW/1 allows you to do is configure a reload “key” and “password” which you can use to reinit your application via URL. So inside your Application.cfc you might have: variables.framework = { reload = 'reinit', password = "mysecretkey" … } So you can reinit your application (flush the application scope by re-running onApplicationStart()) by calling something like: The “reload” and “password” properties can be changed to whatever you want for securities sake. ... Read more

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