June 20, 2008

Careful when sharing code sent from an IM client

Ok this is a warning to all those who get sent commands to use via IM. Scenario: I was helping someone setup their Apache config today, so I copied part of my VirtualHost block to them in an IM client. Then I went to their machine, grabbed the code and pasted it into their .conf file. Then Apache wouldn’t start/restart. After spending 10 minutes scratching my head and comparing code and files etc…I removed all carriage returns/whitespace from the code and woo hoo! ... Read more

June 14, 2008

Does your bank do online statements?

I’m a lucky member of the teachers credit union, lucky for many reasons but just one of them is that they offer online statements. Meaning you get no correspondence via traditional mail. They are also donating $1 into the Teachers Environment Fund for each member who signs up for e-statements. Ask yourself, do you really need all those paper statements every month? I know I don’t, which is why I’m lucky to have a bank which provides an alternative. ... Read more

June 13, 2008

WebDU over for another year :(

Unfortunately WebDU has been and gone, all the good things go by so quickly :( It was a fantastic event yet again and a HUGE thank you to Geoff, Julie, Vanessa and all the Daemonites for putting on a spectacular couple of days. I don’t know what the highlight was, the great speakers/topics or the night of activities (bowling, pool, laser skirmish and drinking…lots of drinking!). One of the cool things about WebDU is the calibre of speakers it attracts from all over the globe. ... Read more

June 11, 2008

WebDU starts tomorrow!!!

Looking forward to another WebDU starting tomorrow in beautiful Sydney. Geoff, Julie and the rest of the Daemon gang have brought us yet another stella cast of speakers. Judging from the agenda I’m going to have trouble knowing which session to attend, but that’s always a good thing. Also can’t wait for the first evening party, something different this year to help everyone meet and greet. I hope to see (and meet) some new faces and hopefully not be too worn out on Friday for day 2 :) ... Read more

June 9, 2008

Looking for the source code of open source software? Use koders

I came across a cool search engine the other day called Koders which is “a free on-line search engine for open source software and other web-downloadable code.” The cool thing about this is you can search for just about any and every language you can think of, and quickly browse the source code of open source projects. This can be a nice way to view the API docs or just to see if the project is what you’re looking for. ... Read more

May 30, 2008

Password strength checker

We all know passwords are the bane of any internet users online experience. So many sites, each with their own authentication requirements. I came across this handy site called passwordmeter to help test the strength of your passwords. It’s cool because it gives you an instant visual response for your passwords based upon things like; Number of characters Upper and lower case Letters or numbers only etc I typically use several passwords and found that I might need to strengthen them up, but I did have a couple which scored over 70% which is good :) ... Read more

April 16, 2008

I hate spam: Spambot cracks Live Hotmail CAPTCHA

Apparently the CAPTCHA for Windows Live Mail can be cracked in as little as 60 seconds and Gmail’s CAPTCHA has also been cracked. Does this mean the beginning of the end for CAPTCHA? There are some other interesting solutions to spambots out there, it’ll be interesting to see the future landscape of this infestation and the methods used to prevent it. Read more here

March 6, 2008

Better YouTube Firefox Extension

This is cool, a little Firefox addon from the guys at lifehacker to make your youtube experience a little richer :) It basically combines several Greasemonkey scripts together into a single package. Features include: smartly enlarges videos for better viewing hides user comments declutters the page disables autoplay Download and install the addon, restart Firefox and you’re set to go. To edit the preferences you need to go to: ... Read more

February 18, 2008

A couple more cool Firefox tips

Another couple of cool Firefox features which most people probably already know about. How many times have you closed a tab only to realise “Damn…I still wanted that open!”? Well I do that about everyday and although you have the general history manager…if you’ve visited 100 sites that day it’s a pain to wade through to find the tab you just closed. Instead you can visit the History menu and see the item “Recently Closed Tabs” for a list of the last 10 viewed tabs. ... Read more

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