September 6, 2006

Dashboard Confessional

Tonight (well last night considering the time at the moment!) I went to see Dashboard Confessional at the Hordern Pavillion. Not a bad show, I am a fan but not a huge one. His voice is quite unique and I like a lot of their tunes. A strong band with good vocals all round. I’d go a 6.5 out of 10 It was interesting being there considering my age and the average age of the people around me…I felt old! ... Read more

September 2, 2006

Busy at the moment?

“Time is the tiny bits of space between one busy moment and the next.” A friend wrote this and got me thinking, I don’t know about you but I am always SO busy these days. I used to think that I was just having a busy week or a busy month. Nup…that’s life :) It makes you wonder when you’ll have time to ‘enjoy’ life, so much time is spent at work or doing chores or stuck in traffic etc. ... Read more

September 1, 2006

Memory lane

So last night we went to see Richard Marx at the Capitol. Yeah…I know what you’re thinking but that’s ok, I’m not afraid to say that I’m a fan and have been for a long time! Yes it’s true I like his voice and his songs, but what I really like is his production and studio band. He always uses the cream of the session muso pool including; Michael Thompson Michael Landau Bruce Gaitsch John Moffet Lee Sklar Jeff Porcaro Steve Lukather Phew…that’s quite a list! ... Read more

August 12, 2006

A London gift

Carl Orr is in town but only for a few days. Carl is truly a special guitarist and an old teacher of mine. In fact I even did his original wesite waaaay back in the day (please forgive it now!). Carl has been living in London for about 10 years so it was a long time coming considering I used to see him play almost every other week in the mid 90’s. ... Read more

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