November 10, 2008

"Invalid serial number" when upgrading to Flex Builder 3 Pro

Ok this was annoying…I had an older trial version of the standalone Flex Builder 3 on my system (Mac 10.5) and wanted to activate it with a new serial for FB3 Professional. Whenever I entered the serial in “Help -> Manage Flex Licenses” I kept getting a message saying “Invalid serial number” even though it was a brand new serial. Damn. Mark gave me the original hint to remove the license. ... Read more

September 3, 2008

mooFlair on Adobe's top 10 list

Areez Gangji has just posted on Adobe devnet an article listing the “Top 10 Adobe Flex and AIR applications for students”. I’m very proud to say that a good friend (and fellow Daemon alumni) Patrick Tai has an app on their called mooFlair which he originally built for the AIR derby. What is mooFlair? A desktop application that helps you to manage and watch both online and offline FLVs videos. ... Read more

November 14, 2007

Flex not working on Ubuntu using the Gnash player

Gnash is a free Flash movie player for Ubuntu which works as a standalone player or as a plugin for Firefox and Konqueror. This is the default (I believe) player installed on Ubuntu 7.10 (the Adobe player isn’t there by default). I recently tried to load a Flex app in this player and failed, the reason is that Gnash is in alpha state and supports Flash version 7 (and some AS classes for 8. ... Read more

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