June 13, 2007

Reading blogs on a mac using Firefox

I’ve been on a Mac (OSX) for a little while now and generally I’m having a nice time, except when it comes to reading some (but only some) blogs! We all know that font sizes are different across browser and platform, but Firefox on a mac occasionally makes life a little difficult particularly when it comes to reading comments and code snippets. Here is a screen grab of an example, certainly not to pick on this particular blog but just one of the few examples I come across on my daily travels thru fullasagoog. ... Read more

September 29, 2006

Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

Scott Stroz (aka boyzoid) has a nice little post on the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick. The toolbar (which has been around for ages) is a must have for any web developer, I thought I’d post some of the tools including their shortcuts which I use regularly. CSS Viewing CSS - Ctrl+Shift+C Opens up a new tab with the current pages CSS. I also use the [JSView](https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2076/) for this because it lets you view and individual Javascript or CSS files View Style Information - Ctrl+Shift+Y ... Read more

August 25, 2006

HTML pre-launch flight check

AnyBrowser have a lot of tools for you to use when validating and preparing your website for deployment including: Screen Size Test Meta Tag Creator HTML Validation Link checking Engine View (See how your site might get listed by search engine spiders.) Not a bad list, don’t forget that ALL web developers should validate their pages, perform link checking and test on different resolutions before going live. ... Read more

June 20, 2006

Flash of Unstyled Content

The lovely people (person?) over at Blue Robot have coined a term ‘FOUC’; or Flash of Unstyled Content. This is that annoying ‘bug’ in Windows IE where a user can see the entire body of the page their trying to view ‘unstyled’ (particularly for page layout) for a moment before the stylesheet kicks in. If the CSS is cached then you probably won’t see this happen, but for first time users this just looks amature. ... Read more

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