June 1, 2013

base16 - colour scheme for hackers

I came across a great set of colour schemes called base16. From the website:

Base16 provides carefully chosen syntax highlighting and a default set of 
sixteen colors suitable for a wide range of applications.

Base16 is both a color scheme and a template.

There are repos for the following tools:

  • Base 16 Builder
  • Vim
  • Shell
  • iTerm2
  • TextMate
  • OSX Color Palette
  • Xresources
  • Mou
  • XFCE4 Terminal
  • Gimp Palette
  • Gnome Terminal
  • Emacs
  • Geany

There’s even a builder so you can roll your own theme!

I’m currently using Monaki Dark 256 for iTerm2. The best bet is to git clone the iTerms 2 colour schemes to somewhere on your machine that is persistent. Perhaps _~/Documents/iterm2schemes/base16.

Then you can experiment with the colours you like by going to preferences->profiles->colors then import your schemes using the load presets dropdown (pointing to wherever you cloned the base16 repo).

Monaki Dark 256

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