May 29, 2011

FarCry to Mura - migrating data from FarCry to Mura CMS

For years here at Learnosity we’ve been using FarCry for most of our CMS requirements (yes, I know that FarCry, or rather farcrycms, is a lot more than just a CMS).

For one reason or another we decided it was time to look at some of the other options for content management in the ColdFusion sphere, Mura CMS was a likely candidate for evalutation.

We had a small-ish site that was already running in FarCry 6+ which we wanted to port to Mura so we could really get a feel for how things worked in Mura-land. If things go well we may decide to move more sites across, so I wanted a way to migrate existing content from a FarCry database to a Mura one. A quick search for something to do this came up blank so I spent half a day coming up with a little tool to do this. Here it is in case anyone else might find it useful.

You can find the project on github (, below is the “help” page I added:


This script imports basic navigation and HTML data from an existing FarCry database into a Mura one.


This was built on

  • Railo 3.2+
  • ColdFusion 7+
  • FarCry 6+
  • Mura 5.4+
  • MySQL 5+

Not sure about FarCry 5, you should be ok as I don’t think the v6 schema changes will effect this script

To make things easier, session management must enabled


Probably easiest to put this folder (farcrytomura) in the webroot of an existing project/vhost, then call it from

If you want, you can setup a project/vhost specifically for this, but it’s not necessary.

This script has its own Application.cfc to avoid scope conflict

Caveat - the ColdFusion/Railo server (instance/context) that you run this from needs to have BOTH dsn’s (the FarCry and Mura ones) in the cf admin

FarCry content types

Currently we examine the FarCry navigation tree and bring across the entire structure underneath ‘Root’ (i.e. any nLevel 2+ nodes)

If people want it, we can extend the functionality to import from a specific node, e.g. from ‘Home’.This would be handy if your FarCry site has secondary/utility navigation etc that you want imported separately.

Although all navigation nodes will be created in Mura, the only actual content that is imported is dmHTML, we ignore:

  • dmInclude
  • dmLink
  • Anything but the first content object under a navigation node
  • dmNews, dmEvent or any other “dynamic” content type
  • Custom tree content types

Basically we import all navigation nodes under the site tab, from “Root” down, including the HTML content.

FarCry homepage content

Currently we ignore the farcry homepage content because we assume there is at least a “home” page in Mura. This is a TODO


Mura ses url’s are created on import based off the title of the page from FarCry. This should be the default behaviour as if you were created a page from within Mura admin.

Currently we’re NOT importing the FarCry friendly URL into Mura.

Rolling back

If you want to rollback the import, you’ll need to:

DELETE FROM tcontent WHERE siteID = '[yoursite]' AND lastUpdateBy = 'farcrytomura'


  • Ability to select the page template from Mura
  • When previewing the Mura navigation tree, indent properly
  • Import the FarCry “home” page content
  • Handle farcry secondary/utility nav’s (anything else at the same level as “home”)
  • Fix sortorder on sub items, they work fine but not as neat as they could be

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