May 27, 2010

CFML issue on Railo with the accelerate cache tag

We’ve been using Brandon Purcell’s excellent accelerate custom cache tag for a few projects. I had an issue today while testing a new app which is about to go live. It seemed that whatever I did nothing would be cached.

Upon investigation it seemed that the caching worked fine on Adobe ColdFusion but not on Railo. A quick look at the codebase brought me to this line:

<cfif IsDefined("application.accelerator.#scriptName#.#primarykey#.#secondaryKey#")

Basically this was always returning false, even when I knew the key was in the application scope. I changed it to the following:

<cfif structKeyExists(application,"accelerator[scriptName][primarykey][secondaryKey]")

Success! (Thanks AJ for the final structKeyExists)

Just a quick fyi to anyone else who might be using this custom tag on Railo.

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