April 22, 2010

Support Details - tech support management

Ever dealt with a client where you wanted to know their operating environment? Thinks like what operating system they are running (and version), which browser type and version, whether they have JavaScript enabled etc? Sounds easy but for some clients this is like being asked to provide a detailed analysis of early 7th century rock formations around Stone Henge…in Latin. :(

Here’s a super simple solution that anyone could use :)


Basically you send your client the URL above which they open. The web page will automatically detect their environment, all they have to do is enter your email address in a text box and click a button and in seconds you’ll receive an email detailing the system they are using. Nice!

If you want to make it even easier you can provide the URL to them with your email already attached:

E.g. http://supportdetails.com/?recipient=developer@mycompany.com

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