May 28, 2009

Setting a "Label" property tip for FarCry 5

Quick tip which might fix some problems for people as it did for me today.

I had a custom object for a calendar where the main title was “EventTitle”. Now as you may know FarCry uses the “label” and “title” property from types.cfc by default.

As I wasn’t using this default property my label value was “incomplete” in the database. This didn’t really bother me as it would never be seen, however it was preventing my content object from being approved. I wasn’t getting an error message when attempting to publish, it’s just that the row would remain in draft.

I figured if I could add a value to the label property I would be able to approve the object. A quick search on the docs site gave me a nice little attribute to add to your type cfproperty of bLabel=“true/false”. What this does is maps the property to the types.label property.

This is a nice little solution, now the “label” property can be populated by any property I choose (i.e. EventTitle) and I’m not restricted to name my propery “label” or “title” etc.

Btw this also fixed my publishing issue.

This works as of FarCry 5.1.4

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