May 28, 2009

Changing the sort order of FarCry categories/keywords

Categorising content with keywords (or “tags”) is a well known concept these days and it’s good to know that FarCry has had this ability long before it became cool!

I’m using categories to group content for a custom type but I needed to allow the editors to sort these categories and not rely on the alphabetical order of the category etc.

Luckily in FarCry categories use the nested tree object model (exactly like the navigation tree) so sorting is absolutely possible. But has it been built into the UI?

I first went to the original categories view in the webtop (Manage Keywords) to see if the UI allowed for sorting. It didn’t. But then I went to the flex equivalent “Manage Keywords (flex)” and was pleased to see that you can simply drag/drop your categories around much like you can in the “Site” tab for navigation elements.

This funtionality is available in at least FarCry 5.1.4

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