October 13, 2008

generateRandomKey() UDF with several handy options

Working on a ColdFusion project recently I had the need to generate a random key; the format of which was based on a specific set of business rules. I actually ended up writing a basic UDF to handle this but after the fact I went looking to see if I could find something which provided some of the features I was after.

Although I found several through google and cflib they weren’t completely what I was after. Not finding exactly what I needed inspired me to write my own one based on the following requirements:

  • Users can set the length of the returned key
  • Key can be UPPER, lower or MixEd case
  • Format can include numeric, string, alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9) and special characters
  • Potentially confusing characters (e.g. o, i, l, s, O, I, L, S etc) are ignored by default and users can pass in their own list of special characters (overriding the default list) to be ignored from the returned key
  • Users can pass a fixed prefix or suffix, handy if your business needs to generate order numbers which all start with “CF-” etc
  • Users can specify that the first (or last) ‘x’ characters in the key are numeric, the rest of the key follows the “format” argument

Some examples:



	generateRandomKey(case="mixed", format="alphanumeric", length="10");

	generateRandomKey(format="special", fixedPrefix="MPS");

	generateRandomKey(case="upper", format="string", numericPrefix="3", length="12");

	generateRandomKey(format="numeric", length="12");

	generateRandomKey(case="lower", format="special", specialChars="*,&", length="12");

If anyone is interested you can download the UDF here.

As usual comments and critiques are always welcome :)

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