September 3, 2008

mooFlair on Adobe's top 10 list

Areez Gangji has just posted on Adobe devnet an article listing the “Top 10 Adobe Flex and AIR applications for students”.

I’m very proud to say that a good friend (and fellow Daemon alumni) Patrick Tai has an app on their called mooFlair which he originally built for the AIR derby.

What is mooFlair?

A desktop application that helps you to manage and watch both online and offline FLVs videos. More than a simple flv player, build your own FLV library and save your compilations in playlists. Import FLVs from your computer - including h.264 encoded videos, browse categorised RSS Feeds or search directly from the most popular video content providers and add new video clips to your searchable library. If you need to watch all your videos off line, simply use the download option.

Rss feeds and search are available for the following content providers:

  • YouTube
  • BlipTv
  • Dailymotion
  • Metacafe
  • 5min Life Videopedia
  • SpikedHumour

I’ve been using mooFlair for a while now and it’s fantastic. Check it out, there’s even an online demo to try :)

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