July 21, 2008

InetAddressLocator problems with FarCry 3

Took me a little bit to find the solution for this across several different board posts so I thought I’d quickly write it up.

For those of us still using FarCry 3 (remember that FarCry 5 is out!) you may come across the following error:

“java init failed: net.sf.javainetloca­tor.InetAddressLocat­or”

The docs tell us:

Geolocator is a plugin that determines the locale of an inbound request. Its an optional plugin that is turned off by default, and requires a class file InetAddressLocator to be placed in your class path.

You may be getting this error because you have migrated or copied an application to a server environment that is not correctly configured for the plugin.

You can either turn it off by getting into the ADMIN>>CONFIG>>PLUGINS – or drop the InetAddressLocator class into your JAVA class path.

Remember however that if you have this problem, you can’t login to FarCry to make the config change :(

In which case you can open your database and make the change manually. Open up the “config” table and edit the “plugins” row (row 9) in which there is a small wddx packet. You want to change the value of the “GEOLOCATOR” value, it should be “no” as follows:

<var name='GEOLOCATOR'><string>No</string></var>

After this run an update app (/index.cfm?updateapp=1) and you should be fine. If your site is up and running now then read no further, otherwise:

But wait…there’s more!

Let’s say that your GEOLOCATOR setting is now (or already was) set to “no” but you are still getting the error. Could it be that the “farcry_core” directory is not sitting at the same level as your project directory?

If this is the case then this could help you:

Open up /config/_serverSpecificVars.cfm in your project and change the value of application.path.core to be an absolute path to the farcry_core directory on your server (or use expandPath()).

Something like:

application.path.core = expandPath('/farcry/farcry_core/');


application.path.core = '/vhosts/farcry/farcry_core';

Run an updateapp and now you should be fine :)

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