July 19, 2008

Another reminder of the importance of preventing SQL injection

Mark Kruger has another interesting and timely read about an ambitious SQL injection attack one of his clients recently experienced.

One things for sure, it’s certainly an interesting time to be a developer. Hackers and spammers make sure of that :(

SQL injection has been around for so long, it is truly a crime if developers (ColdFusion developers at least) aren’t using cfqueryparam for every WHERE clause in their queries. ColdFusion 8 allows you to use cachedwithin whilst using queryparam, so there is really no excuse.

And as Mark says…client side validation is a nice user experience but doesn’t cut it at all. If you or someone on your team uses client side (JavaScript) validation only and/or doesn’t sanitise user/URL parameters then they need to be educated or get out of the game.

Update 25th July 2008

Pete Freitag has a nice article about the times where you can’t use cfqueryparam, and some nice solutions you can try instead. Well worth a read.

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