July 8, 2008

Kotatsu - a simple html table generator

Sometimes you want to create an HTML table by hand and don’t have the luxury (if you consider it a luxury!) of having Dreamweaver around. Of course, creating HTML tables really isn’t all that difficult or time consuming, but considering we use snippets for just about everything else why not have a tool to generate these tables for us?

Kotatsu is an online tool to do just that, sure it is very simple (doesn’t support col/rowspans or accessibility attributes etc) but when you want to churn out a basic custom table it just might save you some time.

About the only other thing you can do (apart from rows and columns) is add a css class per column which can come in handy.

A basic tool which you might find useful, but would be better with some additions for customising like adding table id’s or th’s etc

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