June 13, 2008

WebDU over for another year :(

Unfortunately WebDU has been and gone, all the good things go by so quickly :(

It was a fantastic event yet again and a HUGE thank you to Geoff, Julie, Vanessa and all the Daemonites for putting on a spectacular couple of days.

I don’t know what the highlight was, the great speakers/topics or the night of activities (bowling, pool, laser skirmish and drinking…lots of drinking!).

One of the cool things about WebDU is the calibre of speakers it attracts from all over the globe. It was great to meet and chat with people from all walks of life including heavyweights from Adobe. It was fun trying to get Adam Lehman to give me the inside scoop on ColdFusion 9 after he’d had a few beers. Didn’t work though ;)

Can’t wait for next year, if you missed out this time try to make it next time.

Some quick session highlights:

  • Mike Downey’s keynote on day 1
  • Phil Truesdale’s “Mayo Clinic” case study
  • Adam Lehman’s CF performance monitoring
  • Thursday night’s activities :)
  • Mike Labriola’s under the hood breakdown when Flex compiles
  • Mark Mandel’s Transfer

Congratulations and well done to all of the speakers.

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