June 9, 2008

Looking for the source code of open source software? Use koders

I came across a cool search engine the other day called Koders which is “a free on-line search engine for open source software and other web-downloadable code.”

The cool thing about this is you can search for just about any and every language you can think of, and quickly browse the source code of open source projects. This can be a nice way to view the API docs or just to see if the project is what you’re looking for.

Of course a lot of (open source) projects have SVN browsing anyway, but some don’t and centralising your search with an online tool like this can be easier sometimes.

Good news is that ColdFusion is represented, I tried looking for a few ColdFusion projects like Transfer, FarCry and Mach-II which all brought back results. However the results returned are not always from the same repository which may be confusing unless you’re specific with your search terms.

Could be a useful tool to add to the bag.

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