May 30, 2008

Password strength checker

We all know passwords are the bane of any internet users online experience. So many sites, each with their own authentication requirements.

I came across this handy site called passwordmeter to help test the strength of your passwords.

It’s cool because it gives you an instant visual response for your passwords based upon things like;

  • Number of characters
  • Upper and lower case
  • Letters or numbers only
  • etc

I typically use several passwords and found that I might need to strengthen them up, but I did have a couple which scored over 70% which is good :)


People have commented that this is a security risk, i.e. submitting your passwords to an unknown web site. My response is that I think the point is more to test the strength of the ‘types’ of passwords you’re currently using.

So if you test for “password1” you’re not going to get very far. Then you can learn what makes a good password, i.e. mixed case, symbols and alphanumeric etc

Of course…a password doesn’t mean much without something to authenticate against. But you’ve been warned :)

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