February 28, 2008

Can't access shared music with Rhythmbox (Ubuntu)?

Probably quite old news for those in the know, but if you’re using Rhythmbox to play music on Ubuntu and want to listen to shared music over a network where people are using iTunes version 7+….it ain’t going to work :(

You can view who is sharing music, but their actual libraries won’t load into Rhythmbox. In this case it’s not a compatibility between OS’s etc, it’s purely proprietary :(

The only way to access iTunes shares is by (yep) using iTunes. I guess that counts out Ubuntu users.

With the release of iTunes 7.0, Apple changed their implementation of DAAP. This change prevents any third-party client, such as a computer running Linux, a modified Xbox, or any computer without iTunes installed, from connecting to a remote iTunes repository. iTunes will still connect as a client to other iTunes servers and to third-party servers

Go Apple! You rock :)

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