February 21, 2008

cfdocs on air (livedocs for CF8)

Brian Love recently released an AIR application he wrote which wraps up the ColdFusion 8 ‘livedocs’.

This is a great idea and a fantastic tool to add to your list. I’m sure most developers use livedocs as a reference (I do all the time) but historically the are SO slow (not to mention that I think Adobe needs to invest in a little SEO as I often get CF6 livedocs at the top of Google results!).

The CF8 online docs were given a much needed face lift but still are a little slow and the initial page always reloads into a frameset.

While we do have tools like cfquickdocs which are great, having everything as a local resource on your file system makes life a lot easier :)

Now I just need to wait until Adobe releases AIR for Linux so I can use this at work :(

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