February 18, 2008

A couple more cool Firefox tips

Another couple of cool Firefox features which most people probably already know about.

How many times have you closed a tab only to realise “Damn…I still wanted that open!”? Well I do that about everyday and although you have the general history manager…if you’ve visited 100 sites that day it’s a pain to wade through to find the tab you just closed.

Instead you can visit the History menu and see the item “Recently Closed Tabs” for a list of the last 10 viewed tabs. From memory there is also an addon which allows you to “undo” a close operation on a tab, but this menu option is cool!

Another thing is making sure you get alerted whenever there is a JavaScript error, I think this is quite important as a developer and although you do have the “console” it’s nice to have an “in your face” reminder that there is an error on your page.

To turn this on using the invaluable Web Developer Toolbar addon, click Tools -> Web Developer -> Options -> Options and under “Miscellaneous” you can choose up to 3 options for opening the console (you can also get to this from Options -> Options on the actual Web Developer Toolbar):

  • When there is a CSS error
  • When there is a JavaScript warning
  • When there is a JavaScript error

It’s this last option that I turn on during development to get an error popup. Note that it is sometimes best to turn this off when surfing the web as there are SO many sites which have little JavaScript errors, causing popup hell :(

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