September 27, 2007

ColdFire 1.0 released

Yesterday there was some news from Ray and Nathan Mische regarding the 1.0 release of ColdFire, Nathan has a great write up here.

From RIAForge:

ColdFire is an extension to FireBug. It provides debug information in a FireBug tab as opposed to the bottom of the page. This lets you debug and keep your site layout intact, since ColdFusion’s built-in debug information can sometimes mess with your site layout.

ColdFire currently supports debugging information for:

General Information

To use ColdFire you need Firebug for Firefox, for those that aren’t using Firebug at all…do yourselves a favour and get it now. It is an AMAZING tool to develop with.

I only just installed ColdFire and already I can see it will be another invaluable tool to use, so check it out.

The only thing for me so far is that I get no ‘Variables’ output when developing with FarCry (v4). I’ll need to keep looking into this one. Have any other FarCry developers run across this?

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