August 22, 2007

hostmysite not quite as stable as I'd like

I know most rave about how good hostmysite are. They do have great support and competitive plans, but even for a shared plan (CF+) I have had the same issues for a few months now.

My issue is simple, they seem to restart JRun on average 5-6 times per day. PER DAY!

Hmm, is this not a little too frequent? I have a couple of sites on there and it seems everytime I visit the site (5-6 times a day) the application restarts. Different application, different frameworks which work fine on local and stage but not on hostmysite.

I asked their tech team about it and they said there is a problem with some of the sites on the shared servers which means they have to restart JRun around 4 times a day (which I took to mean 8 times!).

At the end of the day good support and price doesn’t really make a difference when your site goes up and down more than a kid on a jumping castle.

I’ll have to monitor for a little longer, speak to tech support then consider moving the site elsewhere.

Has anyone else experienced this with the shared plans?

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