June 22, 2007

OT: I HATE ads on CFDJ


I understand (though I’m not happy) that advertising is a part of our everyday lives and ‘online’ is no exception.

I understand that to subsidise costs, many sites have to display advertising to bring us (the audience) great content. These ads are usually in the form of banners or inline (adsense) textual ads etc.

I understand all of this but what I HATE is video based advertising.

I’m really not trying to pick on these guys, but the ColdFusion Developers Journal currently has video ads on most (all?) pages. It’s just that I’m a frequent visitor to that site, and often I’ll open a few Firefox tabs to start reading when all of a sudden this concerto of advertising hits my ears!

So now when I’m at work (either enhancing my knowledge or doing some research) I need to make sure my sound is off or I’ll annoy my colleagues with some stoopid advertising jingle. I also wonder if this sucks up much extra bandwidth?

This is almost as bad as OTP (over the page) ads in which you HAVE to close the window to even see the site.

Having ‘rich’ advertising is fine, but if I want to view it I’ll click the play button. OK?

I feel a little better now ;)

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