June 13, 2007

Reading blogs on a mac using Firefox

I’ve been on a Mac (OSX) for a little while now and generally I’m having a nice time, except when it comes to reading some (but only some) blogs!

We all know that font sizes are different across browser and platform, but Firefox on a mac occasionally makes life a little difficult particularly when it comes to reading comments and code snippets.

Here is a screen grab of an example, certainly not to pick on this particular blog but just one of the few examples I come across on my daily travels thru fullasagoog.

Fonts on mac

Of course I can easily bump up the text size (apple +), but that makes the rest of the page unviewable!

Interesting to note that I don’t have the same problem with Safari.

The Yahoo Developer Network has some amazing tools including fonts to provide consistent font sizing and line height and is well worth checking out.

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