November 16, 2006

Commenting templates with author data

We all know that we should liberally comment our code to allow other developers (and yourself) to quickly and easily find out what a particular section of code does. But what about a comment block at the top of the page so anybody can (at a glance) determine template specific information?

Here is an example of what I use at the top of my pages, this is pretty standard but I know a lot of people don’t do it.

   Name          : myFile.cfm
   Author        : Michael Sharman
   Created       : November 06, 2006
   Last Updated  : November 06, 2006
   History       : Initial release (mps 6/11/2006)
   Purpose       : A descriptive message

I find the best thing is to either have this as part of a template for a new .cfm file, or as a snippet for easy access. I actually use snippets with built-in and custom snippet variables for the comment options.

The snippet I use for cfeclipse is:

   Name          : $${CURRENTFILE}
   Author        : Michael Sharman
   Created       : $${MONTH} $${DAYOFMONTH}, $${YEAR}
   Last Updated  : $${MONTH} $${DAYOFMONTH}, $${YEAR}
   History       : Initial release (mps $${DAYOFMONTH}/$${MONTHNUMBER}/$${YEAR})
   Purpose       : $${Purpose:}

Note the custom variable $${Purpose:} as well as the built-in snippet variables like $${CURRENTFILE}. You can read more about snippet variables here.

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