November 8, 2006

Caching stored procedures

Stored procedures are great for many reasons but one of the reasons I might not use them is you can’t cache them…or can you?

A discussion at work enlightened me to a simple way around the lack of the cachedwithin attribute inside the tag. Simply use the tag instead!

Ok, so normally if I wanted to use a stored procedure I might do something like:

<cfstoredproc procedure="qGetUser" datasource="#application.dsn#">
	<cfprocparam cfsqltype="CF_SQL_INTEGER" null="false" type="in" value="#arguments.userId#" />

But did you know that you can execute your stored procedures from within the tag? Well you can, that way you can also take advantage of the cachedwithin attribute!:

<cfquery name="qGetUser" datasource="#application.dsn#" cachedwithin="#createTimeSpan(0,2,0,0)#">
	exec usp_getUser #arguments.userId#

One thing though is that this will only work when you return a single record set, if you need to return multiple record sets (which I often do) then is your only option as you can use the tag like:

<cfprocresult name="myResultOne" resultset="2" />

It always amazes me when you get simple solutions to problems you have using what you already know in a creative way, at least creative or new to you!

Always look to refactor your code, you never know what you’ll learn to save you time and effort in the future :)

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