September 11, 2006 and ColdFusion mappings

I’ve recently gotten myself a hostmysite account on a shared server for a project I’m involved with. Everything looked fantastic and they certainly have a great reputation in the community.

Before signing on the dotted line I wanted to make sure everything was in order including:

  • ColdFusion; Enterprise or Standard?

  • Multiple CF mappings?

  • Web mappings?

  • Multiple DSN’s?

  • Are any CF tags disabled etc

  • Server specs etc

All this and more was given the green light so I was a happy camper, and don’t get me wrong…I still am! Just one small problem, any mapping you want must be appended with your account number.

So if you’re using a framework such as MachII or Farcry and you need a ColdFusion mapping (either ‘MachII’ or ‘Farcry’) then this can be a headache to get around because your mappings suddenly become ‘MachIIXXXX’ instead of ‘MachII’ etc. Indeed with Farcry it’s not possible to do this because you need ‘farcry’ as your ColdFusion mapping name :(

This is my only complaint so far but I do understand why. Ah the cons of being in a shared host environment!

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